Global Missions

Providence supports ministries who serve as Christ’s witnesses in Haiti, Nicaragua, the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe; among speakers of many languages and beliefs, in interpreting, teaching and living out God’s word; in church-planting and literacy training; in mercy and medical ministry to the poor, orphans and widows; through agricultural and professional ministry; and evangelizing students and training church leaders.

* Ministry of Hope (in coordination with the Churches of Central Africa Presbyterian) in Malawi (Africa)
* Mission India- New Church Development, Children’s Bible Clubs, &Adult Literacy
Ambassadors for Christ International - Fred & Ruby Amoah-Darko in Ghana (Africa)
Faith in Action International - Tom Braak in Haiti
Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Ministry - Worldwide
Young Life Student Ministries – Pratt & Ashley Butler in Nicaragua

We also support three missionaries, not to be identified, who serve in sensitive areas in The Middle East. * Strategic-Priority Missions supported by Providence.

hopeThe Ministry of Hope (MoH) in Malawi exists to glorify God by reaching out to orphans, widows and vulnerable children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering to their basic needs. The mission of MoH is to care for vulnerable babies in two Crisis Nurseries, provide food and elementary school uniforms for orphans at six village community centers, provide food and scholarships to secondary school students and promote good health by having Mobile Medical Clinics at the community centers. In addition, we encourage evangelism and discipleship for all MOH participants.

Providence has a strategic priority mission partnership with the Ministry of Hope in Malawi.  This includes financial resources for two CrisisNurseries, one in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital, and six Community Ministry Centers in village areas in central Malawi.

9 out of 10 Malawians live below the United Nations extreme poverty line with an annual per person income of $150 per year.  Half the population is under 17 and the average life expectancy is 43.  There are over three million orphans in Malawi, largely as a result of AIDS, pneumonia, dysentery, starvation, and unattended births.  Orphaned children are usually taken in by a relative, often an elderly grandmother, or left to fend for themselves.

The Ministry of Hope is one of Providence’s strategic-priority missions.  Providence began sending mission teams to Malawi in 2009.  Ministry projects sponsored by Providence have included mobile medical clinics; aid for the Crisis Nursery; Christian Education and equipping for adults and children; secondary education scholarships and support for poor students; and the provision of sustainable food sources including cows, chickens, and a piggery to help with the food needs for the community ministry centers.  

In 2011, Providence initiated a lean season feeding program at one of the Community Centers.  This resulted in happier, healthier children who, because they received five meals each week for 18 weeks during the lean season, had a higher attendance rate in school and scored much better on school standardized testing. This program was expanded to all Community Centers in 2012 through generous involvement from several other churches.

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Mission India ministers in the country with the largest number of Muslims. India’s 1.2 billion people represent one of the most responsive audiences to the Gospel in recent history. As India's people embrace new life in Jesus, they are eager to join in obeying God's call to "go and make disciples."

Mission India is fulfilling the Great Commission by training and equipping India’s believers to reach their own nation for Christ. Mission India provides these dedicated Christians with 3 core programs that prove to be effective in opening doors to the Gospel and planting new churches across India:

                     Children’s Bible Clubs
                     Bible-based Adult Literacy Classes
                     Church Planter Training

Church planters commit to starting two new churches in five years. Over 5,000 Indians who wanted to serve as church planters in 2010 had to be turned away due to lack of funds.

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Fred & Ruby copyAmbassadors for Christ International (AFCI) – As AFCI’s Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East, Fred Amoah-Darko leads ministry training seminars and conferences for pastors and lay church leaders in Ghana (his home) as well as in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.  He works closely with the AFCI national directors in these countries to help fulfill their vision, and help them resource their ministries.

The central mission of AFCI is revival in the church, evangelism through the church leading to church planting, and training for the church. Each country has its own strategy for ministry, but the common thread is the passion that each has to reach their homeland for Jesus Christ, primarily through preaching and teaching ministries.

Fred’s wife Ruby also works to train and equip women church leaders and the wives of church leaders to learn effective means of studying the Bible and to lead others in studying the Bible. She also has a counseling ministry for those women who are working through difficult personal life experiences. 

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Tom Braak w_ Jean Rony FIAIFaith in Action International (FIAI) was started by Michigan native Tom Braak to minister to people in central Haiti through evangelism, church support and ministry, clean water, soil conservation, tree planting, farm production, animal husbandry, road construction, literacy and education. Before the earthquake, Haiti was one of the poorest countries in the world with the third-highest rate of hunger, 80% poverty level, and less access to clean water and sanitation than residents of Ethiopia. After the January 2010 earthquake, FIAI extended its ministry to refugees from Port-au-Prince who moved to their area and expanded their ministries to include training for area pastors.  Learn more on the website OR visit them on Facebook

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child is an annual international outreach led by Reverend Franklin Graham, son of the Reverend Billy Graham. Individuals in the United States wrap and pack shoe boxes for children all over the world to receive as Christmas gifts. Samaritan’s Purse coordinates the shipping and delivery of the shoeboxes, which include information about Jesus Christ, the first Christmas gift.  Learn more>>

092017_Butlers315copyYoung Life International Nicaragua - North Carolina natives Pratt and Ashley Butler live in Managua, Nicaragua, and there, alongside a growing team of national leadership, focus on high school and college ministry to Nicaraguan youth.  Their vision is to introduce high school and college students to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.



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