God in Three Persons -Blessed Trinity 

I have found it most difficult to relate to the third dimension of God. Having grown up in the church, I learned about God the Father from the beginning. I later realized I only knew the history of God and a prayer for me was to bow my head, close my eyes and asked for what I wanted from God.

In my early childhood I learned that Jesus loved children and that I could learn of His history from the Bible and about Him as a special person who came and lived like us for a while, died on the cross for us and then went to sit at the right hand of His Father. As I learned more about what He taught and what He did while living in our world, I realized that He was the example for how I should live. I became more comfortable praying to Him.

As a freshman in college, I came to a point where I felt my prayers were floating up toward heaven, but never receiving a response. I began to question whether there was a God there to receive them. With all the wisdom of a freshman, I made an effort to prove the existence of God. I learned I could not. I concluded that He did not exist so I quit praying. I became more miserable than I knew was possible. I could not understand why, because I didn't feel I had a significant relationship with God. So, with all the wisdom of the freshman, I tried to prove that he did not exist. I failed again. Having been unable to prove that there was not a God or that there was a God, I concluded that I had to make a choice as to what I was going to assume was true and live as if it were true until I was exposed to something that proved it was not true. Remembering that I was miserable when I tried to live without God, I decided to start with the assumption that there was a God and I should go back to how I had lived before.

After college, marriage and two years in the Army, Linda and I returned to the area where we grew up. I went into business with my brother. Linda and I became active in a local church. We agreed to tithe our earnings and also felt that we should give part of our time to God's work in our community. We became assistant leaders in a Young Life club in a local high school. The Young Life area director told us that the teenagers who were active in the leadership of the club were having an organizational meeting and that it might benefit us to sit in and observe. Driving home from the meeting we discussed the fact that they talked about Jesus like they knew Him. We realized that that's what the resurrection was all about.

After having time to think through this, I came to the realization that this meant that I could know what the will of God was for my life. It became significant to me that Jesus had promised that after he was gone the disciples (and that has come to mean us) were going to be better off than when he was with them. The comforter, (referring to the Holy Spirit,) would walk beside them. This was the third dimension of God that I hadn't really related to in the past. Now I know that God through the Holy Spirit is with me and in addition to talking with Him I listen for anything he might want to tell me. I don't hear a voice. God's message comes to me as spontaneous thoughts, feelings, or impressions.

Jennings Snyder

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