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Discipleship At Providence

At Providence Church, we cause God joy by studying his word, seeking His heart and through discussion with other believers. Here are some opportunities to get involved in Discipleship opportunities at Providence.

Our goal is for each member of the Providence church family to be actively growing in their faith through study to Cause God Joy. 

Last Published: July 9, 2018 10:06 AM
Sunday School

Sunday Mornings at 9:45am    

9:45 AM     THE STORY

                        Children’s Sunday School 

                            Class for Almost Readers

                            Class for Readers

                        Mills  Building


                        Matthew Bible Study

                        Mills Room 6


                        Wired Word 

                        Current Events: a biblical take

                        on today's news            



Discipleship Committee

Cliff McMackin, Chairman
Larry Holdren
Kate Keep
Krista Schauss
Rachel Ward
Matt Ford
Sandy Satterfield
Cynda Schuttera



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